Shocking cancer admission by conventional medicine

“Cancer is a preventable disease that requires major lifestyle changes,” published several years ago by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. So, why do we continue to merely focus on the symptoms of cancer by offering surgery, chemotherapy and radiation? With over 1 million new cancer cases and over 500,000 deaths per year, it’s time to change our approach to treating disease and the solution is clear.

Stop eating cancer. Time and again, we see the HUGE disconnect between our lifestyle and disease. Sadly, too many people are being victimized by unconscious choices with regard to their diet and lifestyle habits.

The painful ‘disconnect’ in modern society should be understood by every physician in the United States

Generally speaking, for the vast majority of cancer cases today, we know that poor dietary and lifestyle choices are the main cause of cancer – not genetics! Yet, most physicians tend to support the belief that our genes are the “problem”, while at the same time encouraging cancer patients to ‘eat anything’ to keep their weight up as they breakdown from the harsh (chemical) treatment protocols. But wait (keep reading), because truth is far stranger than fiction – especially when it comes to the following points:

Point #1: Dr. John Craig Venter – best known for being one of the first to sequence the human genome – is an American biochemist and geneticist. His remarks at a twenty-first century conference ought to rock the world of most conventionally-trained healthcare professionals, when he said:

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“Human biology is actually far more complicated than we imagine. Everybody talks about the genes that they received from their mother and father, for this trait or the other. But in reality, those genes have very little impact on life outcomes. Our biology is way too complicated for that and deals with hundreds of thousands of independent factors. Genes are absolutely not our fate.”

Point #2: In 1964, according to the United States Surgeon General’s Advisory Commission Report, ‘smoking was identified as the primary cause of lung cancer.’ Yet, we continue to allow the sale of this harmful product. Could you imagine if a nutritional supplement was found to cause cancer? Do you think it would still be on the market for sale?

Point #3: Many PubMed studies link diet to cancer – including a study done back in 1981 – clearly illustrating that ’30-35% of all cancers are diet related.’ Yet, at least 1 in 4 people eat some type of fast food every day. Over 10 billion donuts are consumed in the United States every year and 20% of all American meals are eaten in the car. We clearly have a long way to go – in terms of changing our attitude about the importance of food on our health.

The most unhealthy, cancer-causing foods on the planet

Are you eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Unfortunately, you may be very surprised to learn that GMOs are in your diet – right now. Watch out for conventional corn, soybeans, and canola oil. If you eat animal products – you better make sure those animals were fed a non-GMO diet or else you are eating extremely toxic food.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, ‘total cattle and beef consumption in the U.S. was 25.5 billion pounds in 2013, which translated into some $88 billion in retail value.’ The problem is that most of these factory-farmed meat products are loaded with unwanted chemicals and drugs – which accumulate in their bodies. When we eat these foods – they can cause all kinds of metabolic-related diseases, including cancer.

Naturally, soda pop, overly-processed (denatured) and artificially sweetened (‘diet’) food products add to the sickening food habits of our ‘modern’ culture. In order to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally – we must change the way we think about our food choices before it’s too late.

The findings are supported by the well-respected Dr. Silberstein. Susan Silberstein, PhD has served as Executive Director of the BeatCancer.Org since she founded the organization in October of 1977, after the death of her young husband to cancer. Susan is Editor of Immune Perspectives magazine, creator of the video, Breast Cancer: The Diet Connection, author of the recipe book Hungry for Health, and originator of Philadelphia’s annual “Food & Health Expo.”

An international speaker on nutrition, cancer prevention, and complementary and alternative medicine, Susan lectures frequently for medical and nursing schools, continuing oncology nursing education programs, universities, corporations, and other organizations. She has appeared on scores of radio and television talk shows, has coordinated hundreds of health conferences, and has counseled thousands of patients.

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