7 natural remedies for anxiety

These 7 natural cures are proven to help eliminate stress and anxiety, and they don’t have any negative side effects like pharmaceuticals so often do. Many medications will make you feel lethargic and dazed, and often come with many serious health risks. These natural remedies are a great way to avoid those side effects.

  1. Chamomile – With its lightly sedating properties, this herb is often in a tea to help you sleep when you’re stressed.
  2. Ashwagandha – Also known as winter cherry, and known for its soothing properties.
  3. Passionflower – Known for its ability to help reduce anxiety and help you sleep.
  4. Magnesium – Helps to lower your blood pressure and maintain cardiovascular health, and reduce physical symptoms of stress.
  5. Green and Black teas – L-theanine, found in good teas, is found to reduce stress levels in the body.
  6. Lavender – Just the scent will help soothe your nerves and calm your senses.
  7. Kava – Also called kava-kava, this root is brewed into a tea, and well known for treating anxiety.




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