Passionflower as effective as medication for anxiety and insomnia

New research suggests that passionflower may treat insomnia and anxiety as well as prescription drugs, but without the side effects.

In fact, the clinical trials show passionflower is possibly the most valuable herbal remedy available. In human trials, passionflower was found to treat both acute and chronic anxiety, as well as generalized anxiety disorder quite well. Patients were found to have lower anxiety levels but without side effects, sedation, or negative effects on muscle activity or mental processes.

Passionflower was also found to be an excellent treatment for insomnia, and helps to improve overall sleep quality. One study followed 41 subjects that drank either passionflower tea or placebo tea every night before bed for a week. All of the passionflower tea subjects rated their sleep to have been of better quality as compared to those drinking the placebo tea.

Passionflower is a safe and an effective herbal remedy that can be used for children, teens or adults.


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