New study labels obesity as inflammatory disease to be treated with pharmaceuticals

Research from too many outlets to mention has made clear the correlation between eating too much, low activity levels, and obesity.

It is accepted that eating too much results in the body storing excess food energy as fat, under the ‘assumption’ these energy packets will be used later. By not exercising enough, these bits of energy remain on the body, building up slowly over time, eventually resulting in an obese individual.

However, scientists are now set on defining obesity as an inflammatory disease rather than a combination eating too much and exercising too little. A study was done as a means toward developing an obesity treatment pharmaceutical drug.

Researchers found the inflammatory protein, PAR2, in fat tissue. When rats were given the new pharmaceutical, PAR2 levels decreased. Conclusion? We have a new obesity drug, as long as we define obesity the right way!

Of course, inflammation should only be seen as a side effect of obesity and not the cause. The problem is, there is no way to develop a drug to treat lack of healthy diet and vigorous exercise.

Still, scientists are hoping to develop the obesity-inflammation angle into a medicine that doctors will prescribe to fight obesity as an inflammatory disease.

The only real solution to obesity is to create the right energy balance — a calorie deficit. Live in a safe calorie deficit and your body will be forced to draw upon fat stores for fuel. Inflammation or not, this is how fat loss works, even in a low inflammation body.

It’s always a good idea to reduce inflammation for overall health. Do it with effective, natural inflammation fighting supplements and a low inflammation diet.



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