Why is zinc such an important mineral?

Zinc has gained fame for its ability to support the immune system and fight the common cold. It’s an essential nutrient to human life, and one that people are commonly deficient in.

In addition to immune system support, zinc also aids in the growth and development of the body, beginning in infancy. It also maintains and restores healthy hair, skin and eyes. Zinc is necessary for collagen formation – that’s part of what makes hair and nails strong and keeps your skin wrinkle-free. In fact, white spots on your nails can denote deficiency. Zinc also promotes your immune system and accelerates wound healing through its role in cell function. It also aids in your digestive process and helps reduce bloating and inflammation. Zinc is also an excellent mood booster and promotes brain health.

Some excellent sources of zinc include beans, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs, asparagus and sprouts. Food is always the best source of nutrients, as it is the most readily absorbed source. Supplementation should be discussed with a doctor to prevent possible complications from having too much zinc, as is possible with any mineral or vitamin.



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