Antioxidants are no match for Big Pharma’s pockets

In another shocking instance of Big Pharma twisting our arms, new findings published in Archives of Internal Medicine is meant to suggest that antioxidants are actually completely benign and provide no health benefits.

The 9-year study of women taking vitamin C and E supplements suggested that women taking these vitamins had significantly lower risks of heart attacks (22%) and stroke (33%). These are quite impressive results for two little vitamins. However, not all the women took the vitamins regularly, and when their results are included, the statistics become drastically reduced. So, the lesson here should be you can’t get the benefits of vitamins if you don’t take them frequently enough. Is it really that surprising?

Instead of reporting on the entirety of the findings, our media is flat-out lying and discrediting the entire idea of taking supplements for one’s health. Selective reporting is an all-too-common tactic employed by the powers that be to control information. Also, dozens of news headlines scorned antioxidants as useless. Who benefits from these claims? Their biggest advertisers: Big Pharma. Antioxidants aren’t their first victims, and they surely won’t be the last. After all, healthier people mean a smaller profit margin.


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