Price gouging which would make the Rockefellers blush: $13.50 pill turns to $750 overnight

The absolute greed surrounding the pharmaceutical industry has been unveiled as Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli decided to take the price of Daraprim per pill from $13.50 to $750 over night.  This 5500% increase for a drug used against strong infections such as Malaria and often purchased by those with AIDS and cancer, has absolutely shaken the country, since a full course of treatment will now cost more than a normal house!


Daraprim is produced at an estimated cost of 20 cents per pill, and to add insult to injury not only is Martin Shkreli standing by his decision, but he actually had the gall to attempt to justify his actions by saying the drug was “unprofitable” at its current price.

In the end, predatory practices like this essentially make the case for why we as a country must decouple ourselves from our pharmaceutical driven medical protocols, and instead seek what is natural and often free. For example, in this case mother nature has already provided a highly effective medicine for treating parasitic infections, by the name of quinine, which comes from the cinchona tree.


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