US Government and “Big Tobacco” tricks that keep you hooked on cigarettes

It’s a sorry “state of affairs” the US has engaged for 100 years, but the truth of the matter is that tobacco, most conventional food and most allopathic medicine is nothing but health detriment and the nemesis (complete opposite/enemy) of immunity, disease prevention and holistic balance of our brain, heart and central nervous system. Doctors have lied to us and told us cigarettes are good for digestion, and pharmacists and nurses have lied to us and told us that we should take the flu shot anyway, even though they know it doesn’t work, not this year, the year before that, or the decades before that. The news channels lie all the time, as do the magazines, touting gluten-free as the new healthy, when they still put canola oil, corn syrup, soy by-products and other genetically modified and processed cancer-causing food “agents” and “additives” and “preservatives” in just about everything. Smokers just can’t figure out why their doctor recommends Chantix or Zyban to help quell their smoking habit, when those medications have WORSE SIDE EFFECTS than smoking does–talking about feelings of suicide and actually committing suicide. People can’t figure out why the patch doesn’t work, when it only delivers 3 to 4 milligrams of nicotine, when they’re ammonia laced and free-based cigarette contained up to 100 milligrams of potent nicotine in vapor form, to reach their brain and heart within 3 seconds of lighting up. So much for that “cessation method.” What else you got, Doc?

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Maelstrom of bad advice from seemingly ALL directions

#1. Scary Commercials hosted by the CDC! The CDC, center for disease control and prevention, knows good and well that showing people pictures of people with a hole in their throats, dentures and wigs won’t help you quit the most addictive legal commercialized drug known to man–nicotine. Nicotine affects both sides of the brain and is very difficult to quit, so nobody is getting “scared out of their addiction” by the CDC’s costly advertising campaigns that waste taxpayer monies by the millions, and they know it too!

#2. Nicotine Patch – delivering only 3 – 4 mgs of nicotine per hour, the patch is NOTHING close to a cigarette, that delivers over 100 mg per puff of nicotine potency thanks to Marlboro, Kool and the like using ammonia to freebase the tobacco and make it 35 times stronger than normally, like back before the 1960s.

#3. Medications Zyban and Chantix: Prescription meds completely block seratonin and dopamine and cause horrific nightmares, depression and thoughts of suicide, just read the list of side effects yourself. Who needs all that??

#4. Toxic herbicides and insecticides on the tobacco: Today’s tobacco is GMO, genetically modified to contain cancer causing chemicals to kill the bugs and weeds in the fields that cut into corporate profits, like the hornworm that eats the tobacco leaves. These toxins drive your central nervous system (CNS) “crazy” and makes you crave relief in the form of nicotine – your next cigarette. What a trap!

#5. “Light” and “Less Tar” don’t mean less nicotine or pesticide

#6. News articles that say E-cigs (electronic cigarettes) are worse than cigarettes – The fact is that 60% of smokers quit cigarettes for good after they switch to e-cigs, and some e-cigs contain zero nicotine, so don’t believe everything you read, especially mainstream media hype and disinformation.

#7. MDs, Oncologists and Websites that say GMO is safe: Many health enthusiasts and health advocates and organic food advocates refer to GMO technology as chemical violence in food. What if this is true–that GMO is chemical violence in agriculture, should the corporations just get away with “murder?” Would judges let criminals decide if their own crimes were crimes or not? If so, nobody would ever end up serving time for their wrongdoings. It’s time to put “GMO safety” under the microscope, instead of relying on the “food criminals” to tell the world their food is safe for everyone to consume. The term “GMO safety” and the “tests” and “research” that is prominent in mainstream media right now, mostly online, needs to be scrutinized, cross-checked, verified and re-verified, and NOT relied upon until this is done and done well. Science is not a bad word if we’re really talking about science, and not industry-funded falsified statistics and rhetoric that serves some profit-only destructive end. Research how nutrition can cure cancer, end preventable diseases and strengthen your immunity.

#8. The AMA, FDA, CDC, and ADA (American Dental Association) are businesses and are not functioning as regulatory agencies under Obama – Big Tobacco, Biotech firms and the vaccine industry are working with lobbyists and members of Congress and the regulatory agencies to approve nearly anything scientists come up with that either kills bugs, kills weeds, or slowly kills people, as long as it makes them money. They all want to keep consumers in the dark about the ingredients in their food and medicine as well, and keep people in the dark about the true healthy options available now.

#9. Obamacare is chronic sick care and is NOT a benefit to a smoker who needs nutritional advice: A smoker looking to quit permanently needs nutritional advice and guidance to heal the body and quit cigarettes. They don’t need scary commercials, more nicotine, or scary medications that drive them to commit suicide. The goal is to get healthy, not die from something other than the cigarettes and say the medicine worked.

#10. At least 20,000 US medical doctors LIED to Americans from 1930 – 1960, saying smoking cigarettes was good for health and digestion – Doctors were on commercials and in the most prestigious medical journals, like JAMA, bragging about their favorite brands and smoking them to show you what to do and how to do it (how to die young) – and this was AFTER science-based evidence was discovered that smoking WAS LINKED TO LUNG CANCER. They knew it all along, just like they know NOW that toxin-laden vaccines, flu shots and GMO are cancerous to humans.

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