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Twitter bans quotes from Mother Teresa to silence pro-life voices and promote the continued mass murder of human babies

Texas Senator Ted Cruz ripped Twitter a new one during a recent Senate hearing, calling the social media giant to task for censoring a quote by Mother Teresa, of all people, which it dubbed as spreading the “hateful” message that abortion harms children and women.

A pro-life organization had originally tweeted a photo of Mother Teresa, along with the famous quote:

“Abortion is profoundly anti-women. Three quarters of its victims are women: Half the babies and all the mothers.”

And that’s it. There was no jab at Planned Parenthood; no statement of opposition to women who get abortions. Heck, the quote itself even refers to women who get abortions as “victims” rather than baby-murderers. And yet, neither the quote nor the image passed the “acceptable speech” parameters imposed by Twitter executives.

Later on, when executives from Twitter, Facebook, and other online speech police were being questioned about their business practices, Sen. Cruz brought up Twitter’s censorship of this Mother Teresa quote and image, asking the higher-ups who were present from these two corporations to respond – and both reportedly remained silent for an astounding 12 seconds.

“It’s not just political; it’s also ideological,” Sen. Cruz stated.

“There have been multiple instances of, in particular pro-life groups, being disfavored. For example, here is a tweet that says that ‘abortion is profoundly anti-women’ and it’s a quote from Mother Teresa and this tweet was blocked. Now it’s fairly remarkable that Mother Teresa is now deemed hate speech. Do either of you agree with the proposition that Mother Teresa is issuing hate speech?” he then asked, only to receive silence in response.

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One would expect that, had these executives from Twitter and Facebook actually disagreed with Sen. Cruz’s suggestion that Mother Teresa is guilty of “hate speech,” that they would have immediately retorted such. But instead, they said nothing.

“And remember: These are highly trained, carefully selected representatives of some of the richest companies on the planet,” writes Michael L. Brown for Life Site News. “Yet they could not answer the senator’s simple question. How telling!”

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Openly advocating for baby murder is just fine with Twitter and Facebook, but standing up for women and children is not

Though the tweet in question was eventually restored, this wouldn’t be the first time that Twitter and Facebook have censored pro-life content. As we reported earlier this year, pro-life activist Lila Rose of the group Live Action was prohibited from advertising her organization on Twitter because of its pro-life message.

Rose was accused by Twitter of trying to publish ads that “violated the sensitive advertising content policy” supposedly upheld by Jack Dorsey and his minions. And yet, at the very same time, Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider in the world, is freely allowed to advertise on Twitter in support of women murdering their unborn children.

It’s the same Leftist bias that exists at Jeff Bezos’s Amazon corporation, which actively colludes with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an anti-white hate group that publishes a “hate map” targeting Christians, conservatives, and people of European descent.

“Those influences, coupled with the radically leftist leanings of the many of these companies’ executives, make for a highly toxic, even dangerous political and ideological climate,” Brown adds about how many multinational corporations with unprecedented amounts of power are basically far-Left hate groups that actively conspire against their political opponents, including those who support an unborn child’s right to life.

“Because of that, we need to keep on speaking up and speaking out, doubling and tripling our efforts to get our message out, without hesitation or trepidation … Either that, or we crawl into a self-imposed closet of fear and shame … What will it be?” he concludes.

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