White House busted calling for social media companies to directly censor Tucker Carlson, others over vaccines

The discovery phase of a lawsuit against the Biden regime brought by the Republican attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana has revealed a stunning bombshell — the White House has been busted for being directly involved in pressuring social media companies to censor Americans over COVID-19 vaccine views and facts the regime did not want anyone to hear.

One of the people the Biden administration wanted to be censored was top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson, one of several people who were singled out by the regime within a few months after Joe Biden was installed in the Oval Office, according to documents that the attorneys general have discovered and revealed.

GOP AG Jeff Landry of Louisiana released a document last week showing clearly that the regime pressured Facebook to censor Carlson after he said in no uncertain terms what most Americans knew — that the COVID-19 vaccines “don’t work,” as evidenced by the fact that so many vaccinated people caught COVID again, including many of our elected leaders (and Biden).

“Since we’ve been on the phone — the top post about vaccines today is [T]ucker Carlson saying they don’t work. Yesterday it was Tomi Lehren [sic] saying she won’t take one,” White House Director of Digital Strategy Rob Flaherty said in an April 14, 2021 email, which the AG posted on Twitter.

“This is exactly why I want to know what ‘Reduction’ actually looks like — if ‘reduction’ means ‘pumping our most vaccine hesitant audience with [T]ucker Carlson saying it doesn’t work’ then … I’m not sure it’s reduction!” Flaherty continued, revealing fully that he wanted Carlson to be censored.

Conservative Brief noted further:

Landry and then-Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, now a U.S. senator, sued the Biden administration in May, alleging that officials worked with social media companies to suppress information regarding the 2020 election, the pandemic, and other issues.

A federal court ordered the Biden administration to hand over relevant documents in July.

In response, the unknown Facebook employee said they were “running this down now.”

On his show’s Facebook page, Carlson wrote in September 2020: “Facebook is working hard to make sure you’re unable to see our latest post regarding a coronavirus whistleblower. They don’t want you sharing the video, and they are limiting the number of people who can view it. This is censorship.”

But it’s no wonder Facebook was bending to this pressure. In December, Democratic lawmakers wrote a letter to Facebook’s parent company, Meta, demanding new censorship and appearing to threaten the company with new regulatory legislation if the platform followed Elon Musk’s direction in reducing censorship protocols for Twitter.

The letter shocked Georgetown University law professor and attorney Jonathan Turley.

“With the restoration of free speech protections on Twitter, panic has grown on the left that its control over social media could come to an end. Now, some of the greatest advocates of censorship in Congress are specifically warning Facebook not to follow Twitter in restoring free speech to its platform,” he wrote in a column for Fox News.

In a chilling letter from Reps. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., André Carson, D-Ind., Kathy Castor, D-Fla., and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., Facebook was given a not-so-subtle threat that reducing its infamous censorship system will invite congressional action. The letter to Meta’s president of global affairs, Nick Clegg, is written on congressional stationery ‘as part of our ongoing oversight efforts,'” he added.

“With House Republicans pledging to investigate social media censorship when they take control in January, these four Democratic members are trying to force Facebook to ‘recommit’ to censoring opposing views and to make election censorship policies permanent. Otherwise, they suggest, they may be forced to exercise oversight into any move by Facebook to ‘alter or rollback certain misinformation policies,'” Turley noted further.

Got that? Democrats, not Republicans, are the party of tyranny, censorship, and unconstitutional limits on speech, as they have once again proven.

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