Study finds suicide risk 12 times higher following genital mutilation

A recent publication in Cureus reveals that individuals who have undergone gender-transition surgeries face a significantly higher risk of suicide, self-harm and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) compared to those who have not had such surgeries.

Researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch conducted the study, discovering that the rates of these adverse effects were over 12 times higher in individuals who had gender-transition surgeries compared to those without any history of such procedures.

The study analyzed data from nearly 16 million adult patients in the U.S., aged 18 to 60, who visited emergency rooms between 2003 and 2023. This information was extracted from a broader database encompassing over 90 million patients across more than 55 healthcare facilities. The researchers focused on data from over 1,500 patients who had undergone gender-transition surgeries within five years before their emergency room visit and compared it to data from more than 15.6 million patients with no history of such surgeries, along with two other control groups.

The findings indicated that nearly 3.5 percent of patients who had gender-reassignment surgeries sought treatment for suicide attempts, in contrast to almost 0.3 percent of patients without such a history—a difference of 12.12 times.

Although the study did not specify the ages at which patients attempted suicide or engaged in self-harm, it clarified that minors were not included in the research.

The study did not provide reasons for the elevated rates of suicidality, self-harm and PTSD among these patients, nor did it address whether the patients had pre-existing mental health conditions before undergoing surgery.

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Ramifications for minors

Child Protection League Board Chair Julie Quist described the study’s findings as “deeply disturbing.” She highlighted the significant “implications” for the healthcare and mental health industries, as well as the education system, which predominantly endorses the “affirmation only” approach as the preferred treatment for gender dysphoria in children and teenagers.

Quist emphasized the credibility of the study – citing its extensive sample size and long duration. She expressed shock at the 12.12 times higher risk of suicide attempts among individuals who had undergone gender-transition surgeries. She recalled instances where parents were reportedly pressured into agreeing to these irreversible surgeries for their children, being asked questions like, “Do you want a daughter or a dead son?” Those lines suggest that not allowing medical transition increases the risk of the child committing suicide.

She said: “This type of language is standard. It’s beyond belief.” (Related: GENDER-AFFIRMING BRAINWASH: The term “gender-affirming care” is NOT care at all, but mutilation, and “affirming” is NOT medicine, just delusion and child abuse.)

Quist also noted the study’s exclusion of data on suicide attempts and self-harm among minors under 18 – calling attention to the significant implications for younger individuals. She argued that if the rate of suicide attempts was this high among adults who have transitioned, it is “counterintuitive” to assume the rate would be lower among children and teens.

She added: “Consider all the parents being told that affirmation is the only solution and that surgeries are safe and prevent suicide. It’s a manipulative tactic based on falsehoods, and the extent of this deception is astonishing. They have weaponized the concept of suicide to coerce people into making the wrong decisions.”

Overlooked concerns

Child and Parental Rights Campaign founder, president and general counsel Vernadette Broyles criticized the assumption that minors undergoing gender transitions would delay suicidal behavior until adulthood.

“It’s illogical to think that the stresses faced by adults during their sexual transition wouldn’t be even more intense for children, who are still developing. The study’s exclusion of individuals under 18 doesn’t negate its relevance to minors. I would expect even greater effects in children because of their heightened emotional and physical vulnerability to negative impacts,” Broyles told The Epoch Times.

Broyles commended the researchers for publishing their findings but expressed disappointment in their attempt to attribute the significantly higher suicide attempt rates to minority bias, discrimination and relational stresses–without solid evidence.

“They made these claims without any substantiation. There’s no evidence supporting this explanation and they’re ignoring the obvious—that the surgeries themselves may be causing the suicide attempts,” said Broyles.

She pointed out that, at the very least, the study demonstrated that transitioning did not result in the promised happiness for the patients.

“This is also a tactic used to pressure parents into consenting to these procedures. Ironically, these surgeries are linked to a much higher risk of suicide. If nothing else, this study challenges the justification that these surgeries prevent suicide,” added Broyles.

A public controversy

Dr. Patrick Lappert, a distinguished plastic and reconstructive surgeon, underscored the significance of the University of Texas study’s findings, which revealed a strikingly higher suicidality rate—over 12 times—among individuals who underwent comprehensive affirmation care, including gender-affirmation surgery.

Drawing parallels with a 2011 study by Swedish researchers published in PLoS One, Lappert highlighted the consistent pattern of heightened suicide risks associated with gender-reassignment surgery. Challenging assertions that these procedures alleviate suicidality, Lappert emphasized the initiation of gender affirmation in youth and its progression, suggesting an escalating vulnerability.

“The era of concealment is over. This will soon become a widely exposed scandal,” he said.

Lappert’s remarks underscored the growing scrutiny surrounding gender-affirmation practices and the potential ramifications for both medical professionals and advocacy groups involved in promoting such treatments.

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