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CWC Labs releases heavy metals test results for FIVE more popular probiotics supplements, revealing near-zero lead levels

Following the bombshell finding of alarming levels of lead and aluminum in a probiotics dietary supplement that’s marketed to children and sold on, CWC Labs has completed heavy metals testing of five more popular probiotics to provide a larger comparison of dietary supplements in this category.

The five additional probiotics tested were:

– Totnes Health Probiotic Optimized Formula
– Zenwise Health Daily Digestive Enzymes with Prebiotics
– Reg’ Activ Immune & Vitality Essential Formulas
– Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Fermented Food Supplement Essential Formulas
– Code Age SBO Probiotic

The results of these tests show far levels of lead and aluminum for these five products, compared to the much higher concentrations of lead and aluminum found in Prescript-Assist, manufactured by Safer Medical of Montana, which has threatened Natural News and CWC Labs with legal action for accurately reporting on the concentrations of lead and aluminum found in their product. This is part of a malicious effort on their part to silence science whistleblowers who are reporting the truth about their questionable products.

Click the following thumbnail to see the full-sized results chart, or visit the following URL:

In the chart, lead levels are given in ppb (parts per billion) and aluminum levels are described in ppm (parts per million). 1 ppm = 1000 ppb.

Watch the new lab video for more details:

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The probiotic supplements tested were very low in lead

What this comparison shows is that the probiotics supplements tested by CWC Labs were very low in lead, with some of them showing zero lead.

Here are the actual results found via ICP-MS. Note that all of these are considered typical or “normal” in dietary supplements. In fact, these would all be rated A++ or A+++ on lead, according to

Totnes Health Probiotic Optimized Formula: Pb = 0 ppb
Zenwise Health Daily Digestive Enzymes with Prebiotics: Pb = 29 ppb
Reg’ Activ Immune & Vitality Essential Formulas: Pb = 1 ppb
Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Fermented Food Supplement Essential Formulas: Pb = 33 ppb
Code Age SBO Probiotic: Pb = 0 ppb

What this means is that you’d have to eat over 5 kilograms of Reg’Activ Immune & Vitality Essential Formulas to get the same amount of lead you would consume in a single gram of Prescript-Assist from Safer Medical of Montana:

Prescript Assist, Safer Medical of Montana: Pb = 5444 ppb

It makes you wonder. If all these other companies can product probiotics with near-zero or zero lead, why can’t Safer Medical of Montana?

Supplements can be clean, and we support companies that offer clean dietary supplements

As Natural News has previously reported, Prescript Assist is made with leonardite, a mined agricultural soil amendment that isn’t intended for human consumption. CWC Labs tested leonardite purchased from and found it contains 10 ppm lead — a shockingly high level of lead for an ingredient being used in a dietary supplement.

Leonardite is not derived from food and is described as “oxidized lignite coal” by one of its primary suppliers in the United States. Leonardite is not recognized as “GRAS” by the FDA. Its use in a dietary supplement appears to be highly questionable, unethical and potentially hazardous to human health.

Here are microscopic images of Prescript Assist, at 200x magnification. Does this look like something you should eat?

In addition to leonardite, the “probiotics” ingredients of this supplement are actually sourced from an agricultural fertilizer company, according to court documents arising from a dispute between SMMT and its former distributor. The name of that ingredient supplier is Tainio Biologicals Inc, according to sources. See the ingredients analysis here showing the ingredients of Prescript Assist appearing to be identical to an agricultural fertilizer product offered by Tainio Biologicals.

CWC Labs routinely tests off-the-shelf products for lead and other elements in an effort to help educate the public about dietary supplements and what they contain. Since 2013, we have tested thousands of food products, supplements, spices and superfoods for heavy metals.

We support honest, ethical companies that use ethical, clean ingredients in their supplements. As a whole, the dietary supplements industry achieves a very high level of safety and efficacy for its products which help protect and enhance the health of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

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