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DANGEROUS SECRECY: The CDC hides stats revealing number of Americans tested for the coronavirus as last shred of government transparency collapses in America

Increasingly acting just like communist China and its criminal cover-up of coronavirus infections, the CDC has now pulled all coronavirus testing statistics from its coronavirus update web page, effectively invoking an alarming level of testing secrecy at a time when the American public needs transparency and openness.

With this move, the United States of America now follows communist China in hiding coronavirus testing while censoring independent media websites that tell the truth.

Since the beginning of this outbreak, the CDC’s coronavirus page has always shown the number of Americans who have been tested. We’ve captured numerous screen shots of those numbers, shown below.

But now, the number of Americans tested is nowhere to be found on that page. The CDC is now eliminating important information from its website, clearly as part of an effort to mislead the American people and the media.

The same CDC also withheld coronavirus test kits from the entire country for nearly four weeks

This action by the CDC is likely the result of the discredited agency being exposed for withholding testing kits from the entire country for nearly four weeks (most of February), allowing the virus to multiply while virtually no testing was being conducted anywhere in the country. We covered that story on Feb. 25th in this Natural News article.

Even the mainstream media widely reported that 47 out of 50 states had conducted zero tests for the coronavirus. It was the big, dirty secret that no one was allowed to even mention: America wasn’t testing anyone for the coronavirus. Yet the CDC and the White House were declaring America to be among the “most ready” nations in the world to deal with this exploding global pandemic.

How can you deal with the pandemic if you aren’t even testing anyone for infections?

So now we have no idea how many tests are being conducted in America, and the CDC seems intent on deliberately causing the spread of the coronavirus by, for example, releasing infected patients into the public — this just happened in San Antonio and it appears to be a deliberate “seeding” of America with the coronavirus by the CDC itself.

Here’s what the CDC’s coronavirus web page used to look like:

But now the number of people tested has been completely removed:

So in addition to withholding the diagnostic testing kits from America for nearly four weeks, the CDC is now going to withhold important statistics about the number of people who have been tested.

And just like that, America becomes communist China.

The only real question is: Did the CDC do this to set up Trump, or did Trump order the CDC to hide the numbers to protect the stock market?

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess what’s really happening in Washington D.C., but the one thing that isn’t happening is transparency. And President Trump had better get ahead of this thing pronto, or he will find himself out of job by November.

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