Michelle Svensson and the Sherwoods discuss Big Gov, Big Pharma collusion to ban effective covid treatments

Michelle Svensson, one half of the Resistance Chicks, talked to Drs. Mark and Michelle Sherwood about the conspiracy between Big Government and Big Pharma to bar truly effective treatments. This prohibition, she added, facilitates money being funneled into the pharmaceutical industry.

Svensson, who hosts the Brighteon.TV program “Headline News: The Resistance Chicks” with her sister Leah, sat down with the “SherwoodTV” hosts during the New York City (NYC) leg of Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour.

According to the Sherwoods, governments have instilled fear into people for two years under the guise of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Vaccines and drugs such as remdesivir were touted as the solution to the pandemic, but they did not address the fear instilled into people. This fear, they claimed, is even more detrimental than the disease itself.

Moreover, this fear of “real evidence” – which turns out to be fake – will take people out of the roads as they buy into the COVID propaganda. (Related: Vaccine-induced “herd immunity” DOES NOT EXIST: German government admits that 95% of omicron cases are in fully vaccinated individuals.)

The “SherwoodTV” hosts added that there are large numbers of people who suffer from complex, chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and mental illnesses. Conventional medicine practiced by most physicians focuses only on the symptoms. Furthermore, specific prescribed treatments such as drugs or surgical procedures only aim to treat the immediate problem and not the root cause.


“Today, we understand the whole system is flipped,” Mark said. “Doctors are trained by pharmaceutical-driven funds that drive the business.”

Mark revealed to Svensson that he had two big things in mind: Get rid of all self-imposed chronic sicknesses and diseases, and eradicate the overuse of medications.

“I didn’t say medications are bad, but you know, the body doesn’t have a medication deficiency. [We’ve] got to fix the foundational issues and really get to the root of the problem, which is what helps people heal,” he said.

Functional medicine follows holistic approach to treating diseases

Mark shared that he was removed from the traditional medical system as he was getting people well. This led him to establish the Functional Medical Institute (FMI) in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife Michelle.

“I opened a clinic where our main mission is to walk people down that pathway of healing,” he said.

According to the FMI website, the clinic “focuses on complete healing instead of disease management, with an emphasis on healing the root cause and preventing disease recurrence. “Our view of health emphasizes the state of the entire being and its ongoing development and continual change,” it added.

The Sherwoods explained to Svensson that functional medicine is still a science-based medical practice, but with an emphasis on the patient instead of the disease. This patient-centered approach allows functional medicine to address the whole person, not just the symptoms of the disease they have.

Functional medicine practitioners, they added, listen to their patients and their stories. They then help their patients to delve into the discovery process, with a view to helping them take ownership and control of their health.

Adhering to the patient-centered approach, medical practitioners then provide treatments based on their patients’ unique needs. For the Sherwoods, they work through seven foundational principles that start with nutrition, exercise and sleep.

Visit AlternativeMedicine.news for more about functional medicine and natural treatments.

Watch the full conversation between Michelle Svensson and Drs. Mark and Michelle Sherwood at the ReAwaken America Tour’s NYC leg below.

This video is from the BrighteonTV channel on Brighteon.com.

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