Ben Armstrong: CDC is playing Russian roulette with American children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is playing Russian roulette with American children by pushing for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, according to the New American‘s Ben Armstrong.

“The CDC is willing to play Russian roulette with children,” he said during the Oct. 20 edition of his program “The Ben Armstrong Show.” “They are and it’s unbelievable. They are pushing to approve the vaccine for kids and babies.”

Armstrong cited the CDC’s unanimous recommendation to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of required immunizations for children. The public health agency’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices said on Oct. 20 that Americans aged six months and older should get the COVID vaccine and the boosters when they are eligible for it.

He reiterated that COVID-19 poses no risk to healthy children with good immune systems, adding that vaccinated children face a massive risk that could kill them later on. He cited a doctor’s report saying that half of young people who develop vaccine-induced myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation) die within five years.

In spite of many nations already walking back on injecting the COVID-19 shot to children, Armstrong pointed out that the CDC is not going to concede that the experimental injections are indeed dangerous – given that the agency does not care and has been lying to the American people for so long.

According to the New American journalist, U.S. authorities are rushing the vaccination of American children because the November 2022 midterm election is near. The CDC and its cohorts are working double time to make billions of dollars and protect themselves from any lawsuits, he added. Armstrong noted that while the majority of children will live at least for a long period of time after taking the COVID vaccine, some will die quickly.


Armstrong: Money drives CDC to inject Americans with the clot shot

According to Armstrong, the overarching motive behind the CDC’s push to inject Americans is money.

He noted, however, that all the money the CDC racked up alongside Big Pharma’s coffers would be at risk because they could get sued. The reason why people cannot sue Big Pharma as of the moment is because the vaccine is still under emergency use authorization (EUA).

While President Joe Biden has already declared the pandemic over, the EUA is still active. Armstrong said Biden cannot lift the EUA as it will open up Big Pharma to lawsuits over what it has done to the American people.

“That’s why even though they are saying publicly the pandemic is over, they are not removing the emergency situation. They are keeping it an emergency, and keeping the vaccine under EUA. So, you can’t sue them and that’s the only reason why they are keeping it.”

Armstrong went on to say that the worst kicker, aside from Big Pharma getting protection from lawsuits, is the government has given them complete liability protection. (Related: Pfizer using children as legal human shields to protect itself from covid vaccine lawsuits.)

Ultimately, the New American journalist said Big Pharma cannot cure the common cold and coronavirus by injecting the blood with a vaccine that cannot really protect people.

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Watch the video below to know why the CDC has pushed for the COVID-19 vaccine to be part of the children’s vaccination schedule.

This video is from the The New American channel on

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