Birth control vaccine that may leave women permanently sterile now in clinical trials

The Atlantic recently published an article revealing that the first-ever contraceptive vaccine, which would use one’s immune system to block fertilization rather than disrupt the menstrual cycle, is already in clinical trials.

According to journalist Dr. Katherine J. Wu, the vaccine, as envisioned by its developer Professor Gursaran Pran Talwar, is a new form of contraception that could block pregnancy without the usual trade-offs. “[It would be] an intervention that’s long-acting but reversible; cheap, discreet and easy to administer; less invasive than an intrauterine device and more convenient than a daily pill,” the article said. Talwar first developed and patented a version of the jab in the early 1990s – a version meant to be effective for two years before a booster was needed and was reported to be “nearly 100 percent effective.”

The selling points presented in the write-up included: “it would skip messy, sometimes dangerous side effects, such as weight gain, mood swings and rare but risky blood clots and strokes.” The claim also stated that it would embody the sort of “set it and forget it” model that’s become a gold standard for health.

The vaccine developer, a former director of India’s National Institute of Immunology, told Wu that he developed the vaccine that would neutralize the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone, known as “the pregnancy hormone” because it is necessary for fertilized eggs to implant. This is his answer, according to him, to Indian women struggling to feed large families but who were unhappy with the existing forms of contraception.


However, Dr. Brian Hooker, chief scientific officer for Children’s Health Defense, said such a vaccine “is an absolutely horrible idea as a lot of things can go wrong with “immunizing” a woman with hCG identical to the hormone she produces, or men with sperm proteins to attack their own sperm at the production site.

“The big question that comes to mind is ‘reversibility.’ It is very difficult to turn off an immune response complete with memory B-cells after it has been turned on. My fear is that many would be left permanently sterile from this type of vaccine,” Hooker warned.

He also pointed out that coaxing the body to attack human proteins can put human tissues, including primarily vital reproductive organs, in the line of fire for many harsh inflammatory processes associated with an immune response.

Also for Mary Lou Singleton, midwife and family nurse practitioner, this would be the first vaccine designed to provoke an immune response against a normal, healthy bodily process. “Like all living organisms that reproduce sexually, the human body is organized around our reproductive potential,” she said. “We have no idea what the long-term consequences of programming the immune system to attack the part of our body that sustains early pregnancy may be, but we do know that the history of medicine is full of unintended consequences.”

Advocates: Pregnancy is not a disease, why need a vaccine?

Meanwhile, advocates and activists are questioning why must a vaccine be developed to avoid fertilization when pregnancy is not a disease.

Policy and Programs lead at the Population Foundation of India Dr. Sanghamitra Singh told Wu that carrying a child is not a form of illness. Which, Wu conceded, saying that vaccination against pregnancy might “unintentionally” imply that pregnancy is a problem to be eradicated and that could stigmatize the shot.

Wu admitted that there is a real challenge in launching birth control methods such as the immune system “shots.” Some might stigmatize it because of the history of contraception imposed on women, particularly the poor, mentally ill and people of color, without their consent or to their detriment, she added. It should be considered that the vaccine could “raise the specter of the eradication of fertility in society’s most vulnerable subsects” as the convenience of administering it would likely make it possible that the shots to be given without fully informed consent.

The public and the health authorities should also agree to the fact that there could be potential abuse of the jabs once it is made available.

“People in power all over the world continue to curtail the reproductive rights of women through forced and coerced long-term contraception and sterilization,” midwife Singleton commented. “As anti-natalism and concerns about overpopulation rise among the ruling classes, will this technology be added to state-mandated vaccination schedules for teenagers, immigrant women, poor women or other groups labeled ‘high-risk’ for undesired pregnancy?”

Worse, mainstream media and people in the government have limited dialogues on the subject of vaccine safety. “Combining the medical sacred cows of birth control and contraception seems like a recipe for a medical intervention no one will be allowed to question,” Singleton added. (Related: Biden White House sought to censor private WhatsApp messages questioning vaccine safety.)

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Watch the video below that talks about tetanus vaccines used as birth control.

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