PHARMA OVERLORDS: Moderna’s online censorship agenda detailed in newly released documents

How did Moderna, a failing pharmaceutical startup that was on the verge of collapsing before the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” conveniently arrived, go from that to becoming a $100 billion company nearly overnight? The answer is simple: censorship.

Newly released documents show that Moderna spearheaded an online censorship campaign designed to keep its mRNA (modRNA) injections for COVID in the “cure” distribution pipeline, despite widespread criticism and skepticism about its safety and effectiveness.

Moderna targeted three individuals in particular who were very vocal throughout the “pandemic” about the risks involved with getting mRNA jabbed: journalist Alex Berenson, Stanford Health Policy professor Jay Bhattacharya and actor Russell Brand.

In one instance, Moderna “flagged a Russell Brand video in which he raised concerns about former British health official Jonathan Van-Tam, who was instrumental in COVID-19 policymaking and then took a high-level job at Moderna.

Moderna reportedly recruited and unleashed online media surveillance partners to keep tabs on Berenson, Bhattacharya and Brand. One of these was the Public Goods Project, a “non-profit” organization that, like many other non-profits, receives direct funding from Big Pharma. The Public Goods Project played an instrumental role in getting COVID jab skeptics censored or silenced on Twitter (now X).

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Moderna targeted no less than 150 million websites for censorship

The purpose behind Moderna’s online “monitoring” efforts was to stamp out “medical misinformation,” as defined by Moderna. The goal was to suppress all doubt or criticism about the company’s COVID jabs, which turned out to be a major cash cow for the company.

Not only did Moderna target then-Twitter with this censorship campaign, it also targeted various “independent” media outlets, as well as mainstream ones like The New York Times, whenever something “negative” was published in one of these outlets about the Moderna jabs.

The newly uncovered documents, known as “The Moderna Files,” reveal that Moderna targeted no less than 150 million websites as part of a mass surveillance operation designed to keep its profits intact, no matter the cost to public health.

“The documents seem to show that Moderna is running a corporate public relations effort designed to boost sagging vaccine sales under the veneer of public health,” stated journalist Lee Fang, who helped uncover The Moderna Files with the help of RealClearInvestigations.

When public demand for Moderna’s so-called “booster” shots started to wane last fall, the company’s then-chief commercial officer, Arpa Garay, blamed the shift on “uninformed vaccine skeptics,” adding in a call to investors that Moderna is finding ways “across the ecosystem” to ensure that “consumers are educated on the need for the vaccine.”

Ominously failing to provide any further details, Garay would also state that, together with the Public Goods Project, Moderna is already implementing a series of strategies designed to confront what he called the “root cause of vaccine hesitancy” in order to “shut down” all “misinformation” online.

One of these strategies is known as the “Infodemic Training Program,” an indoctrination platform for health care workers that uses artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring to keep tabs on conversations online, particularly among key voices with lots of followers.

“Like the Twitter Files, the Moderna Reports highlight the push by powerful entities – especially government, Big Tech and Big Pharma to identify and brand dissenting opinions about establishment narratives as risky forms of speech,” Fan writes about The Moderna Files. “The growing network these efforts rely on shows the growth of what has been called the censorship industrial complex.”

“Moderna’s faltering financials also suggest, at least for now, the limits of that project.”

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