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Corrupt judge tramples parental rights and health freedom, orders healthy three-year-old to undergo chemo against parents’ wishes

The medical police state is alive and thriving in the United States, where yet another corrupt judge has ruled that it’s up to Big Pharma, and not We the People, to determine how best to take care of ourselves and our families.

As we recently reported, three-year-old Noah McAdams of Florida is one of the latest victims of this ongoing assault against health freedom, as he’s now being forced against his parents’ wishes to undergo chemotherapy treatments for a cancer he no longer has.

Little Noah was first diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia back in April, after which his parents agreed to have him treated with chemotherapy – a reluctant decision coerced by the state, as his parents had originally preferred to treat him naturally with vitamins, an anti-cancer dietary regimen, and medical cannabis.

After just two rounds of chemotherapy, a follow-up diagnosis showed that Noah was cancer-free, prompting his parents to stop the chemotherapy and continue him on the natural regimen that they originally intended – a decision that’s fully within their rights as his biological parents and legal guardians.

But Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Tampa, where Noah had received his two rounds of chemotherapy, was none too pleased with Noah’s parents having the gall to make their own autonomous medical decisions for their son.

These self-appointed medical overlords actually issued an “endangered child alert” in response, and sent law enforcement to track down the family and apprehend little Noah, who they then abducted from his parents.

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Noah’s parents want to give him healing treatments like cannabis, but Florida is forcing death poison on him instead

Somehow, those in charge at All Children’s were able to deem Noah’s parents as having committed “medical neglect,” which under Florida law provisions that a court of law can then intervene and override their medical wishes.

Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Caroline Tesche Arkin consequently took full advantage of this unconstitutional provision, ruling that little Noah must resume chemotherapy treatments – even though he no longer has leukemia, according to the same medical “experts” that are now persecuting him and his family – though she is allowing Noah to also receive the “alternative” treatments desired by his parents.

“We’re just happy the child gets to use alternative treatment, at a minimum to combat side effects of chemotherapy and at a maximum (to) help cure the leukemia in his body,” stated Mike Minardi, Noah’s family’s attorney.

Florida’s unconstitutional tyranny has “traumatized” little Noah, parents say

None of this has been easy on the family – and especially on little Noah, whose parents say that he’s now “traumatized” – not only because he was taken from his parents and placed into third-party custody for no good reason, but also because of the chemotherapy treatments themselves, which are taking a huge toll on his body.

“We saw him yesterday. He was pale, terrified, wouldn’t even speak, wouldn’t even walk,” says Taylor Bland-Ball, Noah’s mother. “And he’s just absolutely traumatized any time a doctor gets near him.”

Taylor also explained in a video update about the situation that she and her husband, Joshua, in no way medically-neglected Noah. In truth, they were simply “looking for a better treatment that has less side effects and less issues” than chemotherapy, which as many of our readers well know is often a death sentence for cancer patients.

“It is a mixed bag in that we obviously have to watch this child go through chemotherapy, but we know that, at least with the use of cannabis and other treatment that the child will hopefully be able to deal with the chemotherapy better than not having those alternative treatments available,” Minardi added in a statement.

“I think it’s real important that people know there are alternatives to chemotherapy,” Taylor also made sure to publicly emphasize in her and her husband’s defense.

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