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How many millions of people have been needlessly killed by chemotherapy and other poison “medicines” because they listened to Stephen Barrett?

He claims to be a “consumer advocate” who works tirelessly to fight “health-related frauds, myths, fads, fallacies, and misconduct” in modern medicine. But Stephen Barrett, the founder of the infamous website, is actually one of the most toxic human beings to have ever lived, as he’s led potentially millions of unsuspecting people to choose chemotherapy and other poisonous “medicines” rather than nutrition and other alternative approaches that he’s universally dubbed as “quackery.”

There’s perhaps nobody else in the entire world who’s been more instrumental in leading the public away from things that could actually help them than Barrett, who even in his very old age stays busy publishing disinformation article after disinformation article both on his website, as well as through his “international network of people,” for the purpose of keeping as many patients as possible addicted to synthetic chemicals as the “cure” for their ailments.

According to Barrett, eating healthy food plays little or no role in a person’s health, as only FDA-approved drugs and surgeries have the power to “heal.” Barrett also disapproves of chiropractic, homeopathy, dietary supplements, and pretty much anything that’s not dispensed by a pharmacist, dismissing them as “quackery,” meaning only Big Pharma holds the keys to human health.

Just because he’s received numerous pats on the back from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American Dietetic Association, and various other purveyors of conventional “medicine” over the years, Barrett has convinced himself that he’s the preeminent authority on all things health, and that everyone should listen to him because he apparently knows everything there is to know about anything.

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But the only thing that Barrett has actually “accomplished” throughout his existence is to stifle the truth, and keep people in the dark about how to truly be healthy. Barrett’s continued efforts to “debunk” what he claims is “quackery” has almost certainly harmed and killed far more people than it has ever helped – if it has ever helped anyone at all, seeing as how pharmaceuticals do not heal, and only cover up symptoms.

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Stephen Barrett should be ashamed of himself for spending his entire life shilling for Big Pharma

As Natural News covered earlier this year, Barrett is an agent provocateur who colludes with the likes of Wikipedia to spread lies and misinformation as “truth.” Barrett and his fellow “skeptics” have essentially hijacked Wikipedia and other online platforms, and are now using them to denigrate things like acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and naturopathy that are actually helping people, in order to steer them back towards Big Pharma.

Though you won’t find this information on Barrett’s website, it has also come to light that he maintains longstanding financial ties to the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), which is nothing more than a front for the pharmaceutical drug cartels.

Deep investigative work by Richard Gale of the Progressive Radio Network (PRN) has revealed that Barrett, who sits on ACSH’s Board of Scientific Advisers, is basically a drug industry shill who, in exchange for awards and notoriety, is doing the bidding of the legal drug cartels – meaning he’s hardly the “consumer advocate” that he claims to be.

“In our opinion, it completely discredits him from being a reliable and unbiased scientific resource on any matter,” Gale contends about Barrett’s close ties to the chemical industry, which pushes pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) as the “cures” for every human ailment.

“In our opinion modern conventional medicine has built a citadel, a walled-fortress that refuses to take century old medical wisdom and practices seriously … And Skeptics are up to their necks in the cultural (sic) of denial imprisoned within these ramparts constructed with the mortar of pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, unsafe vaccines, GMOs, and a legacy of medical error, illnesses and deaths,” Gale adds.

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