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The WHO is nothing but a globalist front for communism, which is why it’s protecting China from coronavirus responsibility

For weeks after it became apparent that the Chinese government did not have a handle on the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus, the World Health Organization said little to nothing about COVID-19 as it spread beyond Beijing’s control.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate; the organization’s leaders said little to nothing negative about China’s inability to contain the virus.

As Natural News has reported, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has consistently downplayed the crisis in terms of both its severity and impact. The priority instead is one of propping up the all is well narrative to maintain business as usual, especially in communist China, where critical data is also being covered up to perpetuate the illusion that the situation is fully under control.

Before Tedros finally declared the coronavirus outbreak a “pandemic,” he lectured people who attempted to tie it back to China and to impose travel and trade restrictions on the country despite the fact that it indeed originated there. Pathetic.

But why? What is it about Communist China that WHO seeks to protect?

Writing in the Epoch Times, Peter Zhang, a researcher on political economy in China and East Asia, noted that even Chinese citizens know that the WHO is deferential to the Communist government: 

Nicknamed “Wuhan Health Organization” by Chinese netizens, the performance of the World Health Organization, along with its Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has been raising serious questions these days in terms of politicizing the institution through its unblushing effort to please Chinese communist leadership, while Beijing’s coverups of the Wuhan virus continue.

Zhang notes further that the WHO has a “dismal track record of failures” when it comes to dealing with deadly epidemics over the years. Back in 2015, for example, under the then-leadership of Beijing-backed Margaret Chan, the global health agency did admit that it was “ill-prepared” to handle the Ebola outbreak.

Democrats are also covering for China

WHO did eventually detail eight lessons that the agency allegedly learned from that outbreak, including “communicating more clearly what is needed.” Later, the agency proposed nine fixes that it said would enable officials to do a better job during future outbreaks, including the establishment of a “Global Health Emergency Workforce.”

But overall, the agency has a record of not really doing much to impact global health in a positive way, perhaps because it tries to do so from a geopolitical viewpoint. And the same is true for the coronavirus, according to Zhang. This time, he writes, the failure of the global health organization “isn’t all about its incompetence, but also includes its less than subtle effort to trumpet Beijing’s narratives” during the crisis.

That’s been a big problem in and of itself because China hasn’t been upfront or transparent about the scope of the outbreak and its true effects. 

“Spoke today with Director Yang Jiechi about disinformation and outlandish rumors that are being spread through official PRC channels,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote on Twitter Monday, in response to Beijing’s claims that the U.S. military spread the virus to China. “The United States is sparing no effort to protect our people and contain the global #coronavirus pandemic. Beijing must acknowledge its role and be part of the solution.”

Axios even reported that the WHO was running interference for Beijing by imploring U.S. leaders to stop calling it the “Chinese coronavirus” (well, Left-wing Axios really is only blaming Republicans, but that’s nothing new).

“This is in opposition to guidance from the World Health Organization, which requested back in February that the epidemic be referred to as coronavirus or Covid-19, rather than terms that could stigmatize individuals with Chinese ancestry,” Axios’ Sara Fischer wrote.

The WHO is fronting for Communist China, that much is obvious, and the group is getting support from American Democrats, as usual.

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