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STUDY: Covid vaccines cause Alzheimer’s, brain changes

New research from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio has determined that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) and its associated vaccines can lead to severe brain changes associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Cognitive disorders are increasingly being reported as a “complication” from the Chinese Virus, but the reality is that the injections are the virus – meaning the injections are what is causing the brain damage.

“Reports of neurological complications in Covid-19 patients and ‘long-hauler’ patients whose symptoms persist after the infection clears are becoming more common, suggesting that [the virus and the vaccines] may have lasting effects on brain function,” the study authors wrote.

Published in the journal Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy, the study backs similar research which found that Pfizer and BioNTech’s mRNA injection for the Chinese Virus triggers the type of brain degeneration that eventually leads to dementia.

The latest paper is based on research that set out to try to determine how and why some people who test positive for Chinese Germs lose their sense of taste and smell for a time. To get to the bottom of it, they looked at molecular blueprints of a host of genes associated with the Wuhan Flu.

Having already collected data on both covid patients and people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, the team used artificial intelligence (AI) to measure the proximity between them. They also analyzed various genetic factors that might function as pathways for the virus or vaccine components to infect brain tissue and cells.

These “significant network-based relationships” between the Chinese Virus and dementia led the team to conclude that people with the latter are left nearly defenseless against the former, at least in part because they have a decreased number of certain antiviral genes.

“While the researchers found little evidence that the virus targets the brain directly, they discovered close network relationships between the virus and genes / proteins associated with several neurological diseases, most notably Alzheimer’s, pointing to pathways by which Covid-19 could lead to Alzheimer’s disease-like dementia,” the Cleveland Clinic wrote.

Other Chinese coronaviruses also linked to brain damage

After making this observation, the team now plans to investigate the processes by which Chinese Germs can, in and of themselves, lead to brain degeneration. Based on what we already know from other studies, this also applies to the contents of Chinese Virus injections, which include the same spike proteins found on the virus itself.

“Identifying how Covid-19 and neurological problems are linked will be critical for developing effective preventive and therapeutic strategies to address the surge in neurocognitive impairments that we expect to see in the near future,” lead author Feixiong Cheng is quoted as saying.

Brain degeneration is also associated with earlier iterations of the Chinese Virus such as MERS and SARS, both of which cause one in five sufferers to report memory impairment, disorientation, inattention, confusion and other such symptoms.

Those who had to be admitted to an emergency room for “care” are even more at risk of suffering severe neurological and psychiatric disorders, earlier studies have found, highlighting the brain damage risk associated with a variety of different Chinese coronaviruses.

“And the scaremongering continues relentlessly,” wrote one RT commenter, pointing out the fact that the Cleveland Clinic slanted its research to focus on the virus rather than the “vaccines” that contain the virus.

“It’s not covid that makes people sick in the head, but the 24/7 nonstop bombardment of horror stories, the forced isolation and other unnatural imposed behaviors. Society as a whole has become hysterical and paranoid and is being driven by fear and an insane new ‘normal’ that is being enforced upon us.”

More related news about the dangers and ineffectiveness of Chinese Virus injections can be found at

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