Dr. Peter McCullough: COVID-19 vaccines are to blame for healthy people suddenly dying until proven otherwise

Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has argued that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is responsible for the death of any person with no prior history of significant disease until proven otherwise.

Ben Armstrong of the New American magazine touched on McCullough’s argument on the Oct. 12 edition of his program “The Ben Armstrong Show.”

“He says that’s how it should always be,” Armstrong said. “Of course, if someone has a sudden death and they weren’t vaccinated, then you can rule out that their sudden death was due to the vaccine. But if someone is vaccinated and then they have sudden death, you have to assume it’s the vaccine. That’s the problem with what they have done by damaging people’s immune systems.”

According to the New American journalist, people should be looking at every death that is coming out of nowhere – most especially if the person is healthy and is not showing any signs of a serious disease regardless of their age. He added that while some people would dismiss these deaths as a coincidence, many others would beg to differ.

He compared multiple COVID-19 vaccinations with “playing Russian roulette,” adding that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein used in the shots can stay in the body.

“The more you get vaccinated or boosted, the more you’re pulling the trigger,” he remarked. “It just stuns me how the people who have survived the vaccine run around saying ‘but I’m fine’. And I keep saying that really is just like running around saying ‘I played Russian roulette and I’m fine.'”


Armstrong played a video of McCullough’s interview with Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. McCullough pointed out that vaccine-induced subclinical myocarditis is responsible for sudden deaths. He shared that many patients with heart damage based on their magnetic resonance imaging scans were flocking to his clinic. (Related: Coronavirus vaccine-induced injuries and deaths are a “public health threat,” warns Dr. Peter McCullough.)

Armstrong: Vaccine deaths could happen anytime

The program host noted that healthy young people and adults could suffer a stroke or seizure due to vaccine-induced blood clotting, and they would not know when it would hit.

“The sad thing is yes, these things happen. But now, we have to assume it’s the vaccine and you got to prove it otherwise,” said Armstrong. He added that these things are happening in way bigger numbers than what people are being told, and urged doctors to adopt the standpoint of attributing the deaths to the COVID-19 shot unless another reason is found.

Moreover, some people injected with the COVID-19 shot have expressed both concern and regret over getting it.

According to Armstrong, people injected with either one or many vaccine doses have already damaged their immune systems. He added that damaged immune systems of vaccinated or boosted persons may not fully recover because the damage done is permanent.

“If you get damaged by 25 percent, you’re down to 75 percent of a functioning immune system. Your body may recover and get back up to like 85 percent, but I don’t think it will ever get to 100 percent, sadly. But it might recover … from the lowest point of whatever the damage is,” Armstrong said.

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Watch the Oct. 12 edition of “The Ben Armstrong Show” where Armstrong discusses McCullough’s remarks.

This video is from The New American channel on Brighteon.com.

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