Authors warn: Transgenderism is “confusing people about the nature of reality” and victimizing children

Try as they might to claim that pushing transgenderism on children is a form of “love” and “acceptance,” the truth of the matter is that deranged leftists are lying to children and their parents about what transgenderism is really about: money.

It is about depopulation, too, but as explained by Dr. Jeff Myers and Brandon Showalter, transgenderism is an industry, and one that is currently growing by leaps and bounds thanks to widespread propaganda being pushed at public schools, on social media platforms like TikTok, and all throughout Hollywood and the media.

In a May 2 interview with Jan Jekielek on “American Thought Leaders,” Myers revealed the dark and ugly history of how we got to this point, and why children are in the crosshairs of this largely pedophilic, life-destroying movement against America’s most innocent and vulnerable.

Transgenderism, Myers explained, is “an ideology that came out of the postmodern movement in the 1980s that is attempting to gain power by confusing people about the nature of reality.”

“There’s a medical industry that comes along and says that if children are confused, they’ll use our products, and then, they stand to make tens of billions of dollars. The ideology and the industry fuel a problem and actually make children double victims.”

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No, children are NOT more likely to commit suicide if they are denied a gender “transition”

Myers authored a book with Showalter called “Exposing the Gender Lie: How to Protect Children and Teens from the Transgender Industry’s False Ideology” that unpacks all of this further. The book was published back in March by Summit Ministries.


Showalter continues to blast social media “influencers” for participating in the transgender racket, especially when they prey on children who are autistic or who suffer from mental health issues, recognizing them as easy money because they are much more easily influenced than other children to embrace the ideology and destroy their lives.

“It is physiologically impossible to become the opposite sex,” Showalter said during the same interview. “We’ve seen this happen with previous social contagions, like anorexia, cutting, and other modes of self-harm that spread by social contagion. The same thing is happening with this situation.”

“What happens with autistic people, however severe or moderate or mild their autism, […] is they become enmeshed in a culture where their issues can be explained away by way of gender identity ideology.”

One popular, but dishonest, claim from the transgender mafia is that children need to be allowed to cut off their body parts and take gender-bender drugs on a whim, otherwise they will commit suicide because they are being forced to live in the “wrong body.”

Showalter says that any supposed “science” claiming this to be true is “dead wrong,” and that the media interpretations of these bogus studies is a “lie.”

“When you look back at them, you realize, at very best, those studies show that people who go through these medical procedures see no improvement,” he explained.

“In my experience, young people who experience gender dysphoria – and I work with several thousand young people every year – always have comorbidities such as anxiety, depression, and unresolved childhood trauma. It’s all of these things all mixed together.”

As for the various institutions that have begun aggressively pushing the transgender mutilation of children, Showalter chalks it all up to “institutional capture.”

“You are to immediately and unquestionably say that is correct and never, ever challenge it,” he says about how and why captured groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Endocrine Society, and the Pediatric Endocrine Society are all parroting the same pro-trans messaging.

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