WHO appoints former prostitute, other transgender activists to transgender task force

The United Nations’ global health-watchdog group, the World Health Organization (WHO), has created a new panel that looks to promote global awareness on subjects such as HIV, hepatitis, and sexually transmitted infections, and specifically how the conditions relate to trans and gender-diverse people. The panel has also been charged with creating guidelines on how transgenderism should be treated. Among those “experts” is a biological male known as Erika Castellanos.

(Article by James Murphy republished from TheNewAmerican.com)

WHO’s bio describes Castellanos as “a trans woman living with HIV from Belize who resides in the Netherlands.” In addition, WHO points out that Castellanos has founded a Belize network of people who live with HIV as well as the nation’s first network for transgender people. He also serves as the executive director of Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE), a transgender extremist organization.

What WHO neglects to say is that, by his own admission, Castellanos is a former prostitute and drug user whose credentials include a “lived expertise as a person living with HIV, sex worker, drug use, incarcerated and migrant.”

According to Castellanos himself, “sex work was the most empowering thing that ever happened to me.” He “started working in the streets, offering my sexual services” prior to ending up in prison.

That WHO would employ a transgender activist as an “expert” in the field is not surprising. All 12 members of the new panel, including the physicians, are trans activists in some respect. One activist who was selected for the panel but declined to participate due to scheduling issues is another biological male named Florence Ashley, who describes himself as “a biorg witch with flowers in their hair!” He further refers to himself as a “transfeminine jurist, bioethicist, public speaker, and activist.”

Ashley recently authored a piece set to be published by McGill Law Journal in Canada, titled “Genderf***ing as a Critical Legal Methodology.” What exactly is “genderf***ing?” He explains: “Genderf***ing is defined by its focus on the needs and experiences of those who ‘f**k’ with gender, resisting attempts at gender governance through laws, policies, and practices.”

(It’s probably safe to assume that Ashley and Castellanos would not approve of the Ohio Legislature’s override of Governor Mike Dewine’s veto of HB 68.)

Why are WHO’s actions important? Because WHO is often referred to as an authoritative expert body by mainstream media sources. Recall that in March of 2020, it was WHO that declared Covid-19 a pandemic, based largely on the word of panels such as this “expert” panel on transgender issues.

In any new set of “guidelines” produced, it won’t be Castellanos or Ashley who will make the announcement, it will simply be WHO, which many people still consider an authoritative source on health matters, despite their abject failure with Covid-19.

But WHO’s choice of experts shows that they cannot be impartial on the issue of transgenderism. Rather, they are advocates.

“At a time when the European community is in the midst of a great re-examination of the entire edifice of so-called ‘gender affirming care,’ it is indeed unfortunate that the world health organization has decided to enlist a number of gender activists to create new guidance,” said Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, the director of Do No Harm, a group that advocates medicine for medicine’s sake — not political agendas.

“Guideline formation should be first based on a careful and comprehensive review of the medical literature. If this is done, these activists must come to the conclusion that ‘gender affirming care’ should be dramatically curtailed as has occurred in five European nations,” Goldfarb said.

It’s highly unlikely that this particular group of “experts” would arrive at such a conclusion.

“Unfortunately, the World Health Organization’s choice of individuals suggest that their present commitment to this activity will prevent them from approaching this problem in an evenhanded and rigorously scientific approach,” Goldfarb concluded.

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