Elon Musk claims Neuralink chip can be used to “save your brain like a game”

In the past, billionaire CEO Elon Musk has made many big announcements about his neurotechnology company Neuralink. Now, he is claiming that Neuralink can one day be used to save the human brain “like a game.”

Recently, Neuralink has inserted its first device in a human volunteer. The Neuralink founder said the first human who has received an implant from the brain-chip startup is recovering well.

The surgery is not entirely surprising, especially since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had previously given the company clearance in September 2023 to conduct the first trial of its brain implant on humans.

Musk posted on X to announce that initial results “show promising neuron spike detection” one day after the chip was implanted. The billionaire did not provide further details about the procedure.

Spikes are activity by neurons. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), spikes are cells that use electrical and chemical signals to send information around the brain and to the body.

In his follow-up posts, Musk said that the first Neuralink product was called Telepathy.

According to Musk, Telepathy will allow users to control their “phone or computer, and through them almost any device, just by thinking.” He added that initial users of the new product will include people who have lost the use of their limbs.

“Imagine if Stephen Hawking could communicate faster than a speed typist or auctioneer. That is the goal,” claimed Musk.

Despite Musk’s impressive claims about Telepathy, the billionaire also has a long history of bold promises and a sporadic record of actually fulfilling them.

For example, in 2016 Musk wrongly predicted that within two years it would be possible for a Tesla to drive autonomously from New York to Los Angeles. In the same year, he also claimed that his SpaceX rocket company would fly to Mars in 2018. He was wrong on both accounts.

During a Q&A session on the Clubhouse app in 2021, Musk talked in detail about his plans for the Neuralink brain chip.

“You could probably save state in the brain. So if you were to die your state could be returned in the form of another human body or a robot body,” claimed Musk.

The billionaire then compared this saving process to backing up your progress on a video game.

Musk said that the process could be “something analogous to a video game, like a save game situation, where you are able to upload your last state.” He said that while you might lose a few memories during the process, you would still “mostly be you.” (Related: Elon Musk’s brain chip implant company fined for violating U.S. hazardous material transport rules.)

Musk suggests Neuralink could help humans avoid extinction

The billionaire has also expressed hopes that the Neuralink brain chip will be able to help humans compete with artificial intelligence (AI).

In the past, Musk has expressed concerns that humans could face an AI extinction event if they don’t take action to compete with the rapidly developing technology.

At the 2023 global AI Safety Summit (AISS 2023) in the U.K., Musk said that there is some chance, “above zero, that AI will kill us all.” He added that while it may take some time, there is a slim chance of a hostile AI takeover.

According to Musk, one of his long-term goals is for people to reach “symbiosis with artificial intelligence.” This means he wants humans to one day reach a state in which they can coexist with AI in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Musk thinks that this could be possible through a brain chip like Neuralink.

Aside from his other grandiose claims, Musk has also suggested that his brain chip could be used to treat people suffering from brain injuries.

Several years ago at the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit, Musk said there is a chance that Neuralink can be used to eventually restore full-body functionality to a patient with a spinal cord injury. He also added that it could be possible for the chip to “make up for whatever lost capacity somebody has.”

However, it is yet to be confirmed who received Neuralink’s first brain chip or whether they were suffering from an injury before implantation.

Watch the video below as Alex Jones responds to the first human implant of Neuralink and the dangers of brain chips.

This video is from the InfoWars channel on Brighteon.com.

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