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Why are supermarkets still selling fluoridated water for infants? And why aren’t cities that still fluoridate their water being sued?

Now that it’s been proven that artificial water fluoridation is destroying the brains of young children, and especially young boys, will supermarkets and grocery stores stop selling artificially-fluoridated bottled water marketed for babies?

In case you missed it, an eye-opening new paper has concluded that expectant mothers who drink fluoridated water bear children with IQ levels substantially lower than children born to mothers who are not exposed to fluoridated water.

These decreased IQ levels stem from the fact that fluoride is a neurotoxin that causes brain damage, despite being widely touted throughout North America, and especially in the United States, as a “nutrient” that supposedly helps to “prevent tooth decay.”

According to researchers from multiple universities both in Canada and the United States, fluoride chemicals cross the placenta and accumulate in regions of children’s brains associated with learning and memory. Fluoride also “alters proteins and neurotransmitters in the central nervous system,” the authors wrote.

Based on a meta-analysis of 27 different epidemiological studies, as well as studies looking at biomarkers of fluoride exposure, it’s now been determined that fluoride makes children stupid by decreasing their intelligence.

So the question remains: What’s to become of fluoridation policies throughout the United States and Canada, now that it’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that fluoride is an incredibly toxic chemical that has no place in drinking water?

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It’s time to start filing lawsuits against local water municipalities that fluoridate water without consent

In addition to the problem of fluoridated “baby water” still being sold at supermarkets, most Americans are currently forced to bathe in, wash their dishes in, and in many cases drink fluoridated water because that’s what comes out of the tap.

Artificial water fluoridation is a form of forced mass medication that, unless you’re wealthy enough to purchase a whole-house water filtration system that captures fluoride – and even these don’t remove all of the fluoride in water, since fluoride is difficult to filter out – simply can’t be avoided.

Based on the findings of this latest study, Natural News is encouraging our readers to print it out and take it to their local water municipality in order to demand answers.

Tell these “public servants” that you do not want to expose your family to neurotoxic chemicals that mainstream science has determined is dumbing down the population, and especially the male population.

You can also head on over to your local grocery store or supermarket with the same information and ask: why are you still selling fluoridated baby water, now that it’s been proven that fluoride lowers IQ and causes brain damage?

Americans need to stand up and say, enough is enough. Fluoride will likely always be available at the dentist for those who want to have it applied to their teeth or their children’s teeth. But there’s no good reason why everyone should be forced to consume fluoride chemicals in water and food, without consent, simply because the medical associations and dental groups continue to falsely claim that fluoride “prevents tooth decay.”

“[F]luoride science isn’t scientific at all,” says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. “[I]t’s distorted science made up by bureaucrats and political officials who have some other agenda in mind rather than public health.”

“All of this is done under the guise of distorted scientific evidence that claims the mass consumption of fluorosilicic acid somehow improves the dental health of Americans,” he adds, pointing out that the fluoride added to water supplies isn’t even “natural.” “And yet there is no credible evidence that this is the case. All of the evidence cited by the EPA, the American Dental Association, and dentists has been fraudulently concocted, and quite frankly is decades old.”

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