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Fed up with CDC delays and excuses, U.S. laboratory association urgently requests FDA allow state and local labs to run coronavirus tests without CDC approval

It’s now becoming increasingly clear that the CDC has ordered state labs to halt all coronavirus tests in a desperate effort to avoid all testing and thereby find no evidence of “community outbreaks.”

The CDC’s intention is to obviously cause the coronavirus to spread as widely as possible in America by prohibiting nearly all testing in the United States.

The worse the epidemic gets in America, the more funding and power the CDC receives from the “crisis” once it’s finally unveiled.

Now, the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL), totally fed up with CDC excuses, delays and broken “diagnostic kits,” is asking the FDA for emergency approval to create and run their own local tests for coronavirus infections.

“As of Monday, only five U.S. states – California, Illinois, Nebraska, Nevada and Tennessee – have the capability to test for the virus, according to the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL),” reported CNBC today. “The group, which represents state and local public health labs, sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn seeking permission to develop tests for the virus.”

The APHL CEO, Scott Becker, stated what we’ve been saying for weeks: “We’re weeks and weeks into this response and the desire is to begin community-based surveillance and make sure we have the diagnostics as close to the population as possible, and we’re not there,” he said.

Of course we’re not there. That’s because the CDC is working hard to make sure virtually no one gets tested.

Fewer than 500 people tested in the entire United States, thanks to CDC negligence

While South Korea has so far tested at least 28,000 people for the virus, the CDC has so far tested just 426. That’s despite the fact that California alone is monitoring 8,000 people for possible coronavirus infections. To date, virtually none of those people have been tested at all, and the same story is repeated across Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Michigan and just about everywhere.

From the CDC coronavirus update web page:

Instead of conducting real-world community surveillance (i.e. local testing of thousands of people) to try to halt the coronavirus, the CDC has developed a flow chart that essentially prohibits the testing of anyone who was infected in the United States and who hasn’t recently visited China:

Based on this flow chart, Americans who are infected by other, asymptomatic Americans won’t be tested for the coronavirus, meaning the CDC will have no way whatsoever to determine how many infections are spreading.

As long as there’s no testing, there will be “no evidence” of outbreaks

This is what has allowed CDC officials like Dr. Messonnier to state, “There is no evidence of sustained person-to-person transmission of the virus in in the United States.”

Of course there isn’t any evidence. You’re not testing anyone.

Note carefully that the CDC does not say, “There is no transmission of the virus in the United States.” They state, instead, they have no evidence of such transmission.

Obviously you can’t have any evidence if you don’t run any tests, and this seems to be the entire “narrative control” goal of the CDC: Make sure no one is testing for the coronavirus, then deceive the president and make sure the outbreak gets to insane levels before anyone notices. Once the full extent is finally known, blame President Trump for not doing enough.

Once state labs start testing for the coronavirus, we will very quickly see hundreds of confirmed cases in the United States

It almost goes without saying here, but the moment state and local laboratories start testing for the coronavirus — and you can quote me on this prediction — you’re going to start seeing explosive reports of hundreds of infections across the country.

Many of these infections will be reported in San Diego, San Francisco and the Bay Area. Another cluster will be found in Seattle, and yet another in Honolulu.

The CDC already knows this is the case, and they’ve likely already briefed the U.S. Senate on this during today’s super secret “classified” Senate briefing (that no one in the public is allowed to view).

What’s coming next is quarantines, lockdowns of U.S. cities and medical martial law.

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