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Explosion of coronavirus cases about to hit “dozens of cities” across America beginning next week, warn the CDC and US Surgeon General

Alarm bells are ringing at the CDC as real-time emergency room monitoring systems that track flu-like symptoms across America are sending warning signals from dozens of US cities. “The CDC is using one of its most reliable indicators to provide early hints about where the next epidemics might spring up. A surveillance system designed to detect sudden upticks in patients who report flu-like symptoms at emergency rooms across the country, built over decades into a system that presents data in almost real time, was the first alarm bell that rang in New York,” reports

“Now, that same surveillance system is flashing red lights in many states, a potential sign that coronavirus patients are already visiting hospitals, even if their symptoms are not severe enough to warrant overnight stays.”

Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC, explained:

We’re looking at our flu syndromic data, our respiratory illness that presents at emergency departments. Across the country there’s a number of areas that are escalating.

CDC teams have been sent to Louisiana, Wisconsin and Colorado, among other states, reports The Hill.

At the same time, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams — the same guy who told America to “stop buying masks!” — is now warning that multiple US cities will be hit with a “surge” in new coronavirus cases beginning next week.

As reported by The Epoch times:

Several cities are expected to see an increase in CCP virus cases and deaths next week, warned Surgeon General Jerome Adams. “Hot spots” such as Detroit, Chicago, and New Orleans can expect a surge in patients, he told CBS News on Friday. Currently, the hardest-hit metropolitan area in the United States is New York City, which has registered thousands of cases and several hundred deaths.

“Everyone’s curve is going to be different,” Adams said. “New York is going to look different than Boise, Idaho, or Jackson, Mississippi, or New Orleans.”

A look at the coronavirus map animation shows a flurry of new cases in New Orleans, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver and Detroit:

A look at the final numbers of new infections from yesterday, broken down by state, shows large increases in Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Colorado and other states. The column “New Cases” means new cases for just one day:


The rising trend of daily new cases in the USA shows this is nowhere near reaching an inflection point (i.e. a flattening of the curve), although we do expect some flattening to emerge within a couple of weeks due to the lockdowns:

This shows that each day in America, there are over 15,000 new confirmed infections. That’s per day.

Strong social distancing factors (i.e. “lockdowns”) should alter this trajectory in another 2 weeks or so, resulting in a slowing of the daily new infections. However, if America ends the lockdowns and pushes everybody back to work without adequate testing and requiring everybody to wear a mask, the curve will pick up where it left off, exploding into new infections all over again.

There are only a few ways to stop this virus from spreading:

#1) Lockdowns (i.e. strong social distancing)

#2) Get everybody tested and isolate the carriers

#3) Make everybody wear a mask

#4) Encourage everybody to take nutraceuticals that boost immune function (but this will never happen, since the entire political and media establishments are run by Big Pharma)

Note that ending the lockdowns and putting everybody back to work is not one of the solutions that stops the spread.

That’s why any discussion of ending the lockdowns without achieving the other requirements shown above is national suicide.

Read to stay informed and stay alive.


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