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If we want America to get back to work, then TEST EVERYBODY first, so we can isolate the asymptomatic carriers

Trump supporters and conservatives everywhere are screaming at Trump to “get America back to work” and end the coronavirus lockdowns. But if you release infected carriers back into the workforce, coronavirus infections will explode again. That’s why if you really want to get America working again, you need to get America tested first.

Yet the official testing guidelines from the CDC and the White House currently state that people who show no symptoms should not be tested. Thanks to that rule, none of the asymptomatic carriers will ever be identified, and any attempt to “get America back to work” will be catastrophic in re-igniting the spread of the virus once again.

I’m all for getting Americans back to work, but only those who aren’t carrying the coronavirus. Those who are infected should stay home. And the only way to tell the difference between the carriers and the non-infected is to test everyone. This, of course, depends on the availability of diagnostic testing kits which the CDC has gone to great lengths to deny health officials across America. That was all part of the plan, of course, to make the pandemic spread even more aggressively so that the CDC could get more funding and position itself as the “hero” of the pandemic.

See this stunning mini-documentary to find out more about the CDC’s criminal operations:

Everyone who goes back to work should be required to wear a mask

If we’re going to get America back to work, we should also require everyone to wear a mask. This is true even if we’ve tested everyone, since testing won’t identify people in the very early days of the incubation period.

While the rest of the world has already learned to wear masks, the American people for some reason are highly resistant to the idea. They think wearing masks is, “an Asian thing.” But many countries across Europe are mandating masks, too. It’s not just Asia.

Of course, wearing masks will require masks to be made available through the marketplace, but so far no masks are available since the government is hoarding them all by confiscating masks from commercial suppliers who might have otherwise sold them to the public.

This is all part of President Trump’s “anti-hoarding” executive order which really should have been called the “Government hoarding mandate” or “Gunpoint confiscation of masks mandate.”

But until everybody can wear a mask, it’s national suicide to push everybody back to work.

Summary: To get back to work, we have to test everyone and get everyone to wear a mask first

I’m all for getting America back to work, but not if millions of people die from the spread of the coronavirus due to bull-headed stupidity by those who only care about the economy while ignoring innocent lives. If we want America to get back to work, we need to:

1) Test everyone and isolate those who test positive.
2) Require everyone to wear a mask in public and at work.

Until both of those things happen, re-opening society is a suicide mission, and it will only end badly with new infection explosions all across the nation.

I find it astonishing that Trump isn’t yet urging everyone to wear a mask, take vitamin C and get tested for the coronavirus. Until those things happen, this epidemic will continue to spread through any publicly-shared environments such as work places and public transportation.

And we can’t just think about ourselves, either. To beat this Wuhan coronavirus, we have to think about others and approach this with a community-scale mindset:

If you want to live, read

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